Our Programs


Focuses on fluency and mastery in in phonics, phonemic awareness through auditory blending and segmenting, alphabetic principle, encoding/decoding with syllable types, vocabulary, spelling rules, and reading fluency and comprehension.


Focuses on fluency and mastery in handwriting and grammar; as well as organizational skills like brainstorming, conveying ideas, spelling, and logically sequencing sentences and paragraphs.


Focuses on fluency and mastery of counting and the numerical system; math facts and calculation skills; math concepts; problem solving; reasoning; and math vocabulary.

The West Learning & Training Academy

At West Learning, we have a strong focus on impacting and enhancing our surrounding communities. As such, we develop dynamic opportunities for parents, educators, and other professionals to receive training, coaching, and consulting in a variety of areas including teaching your child to read, support through the IEP and 504 process, working with your learner outside of the learning center, etc.